Trapped In My Own Head

We are probably all feeling a little trapped at times at the moment. Some will be coping with this better than others. But there are far worse places to be trapped than in our own homes (though of course if you are in danger in your home, please do seek help straight away.)

I really don’t mind staying at home. I’ve always been that way inclined. But I do wish I could leave the inside of my own head from time to time. I’d love to take a break from the anxiety, the negative thoughts and the darkness that can and does descent at any time. But when you have a mental illness, there is very often no escape and no days off.

I am not trying to feel sorry for myself or ask for your pity. I know that a lot of people have far bigger problems than I do. But unless you have been there yourself you really can have no idea how it feels to have your own mind constantly trying to bring you down.

There are times when I actually worry that I can’t find anything to worry about. I become sure that I must have forgotten something really important. I surely can’t have reached a point in my life where everything is fine. That just isn’t possible.

If you have a friend or loved one with mental health concerns, please look out for them in these difficult times. Everyone is anxious, and those of us with anxiety have a huge new range of things to worry about. While the extra time to think and reflect at present can be a huge benefit, for some of us too much thinking can be difficult and painful.

Knowing that someone Is concerned and looking out for you can make a huge difference. We don’t expect you to solve our problems and make everything better. Just accept us as we are and recognise that we haven’t chosen to be like this and we can’t just snap out of it.

A little love goes a long way in the darkness.

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