Keep going!

I have to admit, some days at the moment are turning into a real slog for me. I have lots of things on the go, and I am well aware that instant results do not happen despite all those emails I get telling me I can make £10,000 a week by doing nothing at home! But when you go for a little while in your own business or even in your wider life and seem to be getting nowhere, it really does get hard sometimes.

I keep trying new things, new avenues to explore, new ways to try and sell my services. I know that it is a very strange time, and that lots of the people who might normally consider hiring me are not hiring anyone at present, it is not that they are just rejecting me because I am no good. But even on a marathon, you need those mile markers to show that you are making progress. It just doesn’t feel like I am getting anywhere at all right now.

But I am not going to stop trying. I know that if I keep going for long enough and try enough things, I will succeed, even if it takes longer than I would like. Slow and steady wins the race. A little progress each day will get me to the destination, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. Times will change and things will improve.

My worst enemy, and maybe yours too, is my own head. I need no critics – I am more than capable of reminding myself that I am an imposter and have no chance of getting anywhere. Keeping these negative thoughts that make me want to just give up and go back to bed is a full-time job some days. That comfort zone of stopping trying and going back to just letting stuff happen to me can be very attractive.

But comfort zones are not fulfilling or rewarding. Success, when it eventually arrives, makes the struggles disappear in the blink of an eye. It will all be worth it one day, it really will. To complete the race you must start running, walking or even crawling, whatever you can do, and keep going.

I am determined to keep going, even though some days, like today, it is really, really hard. But the journey being hard will make success taste all the more sweet. I am going to be successful, and so are you. We just have to keep going. Are you with me?

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