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Hi, I’m Mark and I’m here to help you with the content and writing your

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You need more visitors to your website and more engagement with your emails and newsletters. Professionally written copy will achieve this. A small investment in getting the right material for your promotions will make a huge difference to the results. I can provide the material you need without any fuss or complication.

I have written material of all kinds as part of my job for 30 years. You need the authentic, tailored content that I can provide to boost your business. Let’s work together today and make a difference.

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Neurodiversity and Mental Health

Mental health and neurodiversity, such as autism, are hugely important subjects that affect everybody. There is a huge thirst for greater knowledge and understanding both from those affected and those who know, love or employ them. Thousands of people search the internet for information about mental health every day, and they could be going to your site. I can help you with web content, blog entries, newsletters, emails and any other content you need in these important areas.

You need my help because I have lived with depression, anxiety and autism for over 50 years. I will provide authentic, experience based content that will get the results you want. Get in touch now to get started!


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Mark Palmer