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Why Employ Autistic Staff?

Imagine your business had access to a resource that could change the way you do things, that could give you an edge over your competitors and that could provide you with a steady stream of ideas and fresh thinking. But because that resource comes in packaging that you don’t really like the look of, and it needs a special (but not expensive) environment to work properly, you decide to pass. Crazy, right? But you are…

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Interviews and autistic people – a match made in hell

Autistic people have it tough in the workplace. Actually, they have it touch even getting into the workplace in the first place. Employment rates for autistic people are scandalously low. People are scared of different, and many of us autistic people are very, very different, but in a good way! Since so many people cannot see beyond the overall picture that we are different to see us as individuals with unique talents and skills, they…

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